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“As the world battles COVID-19, we are adhering to health guidelines that support the well-being of our customers and employees in every area that we operate. From our Cambridge, MA headquarters to Dallas, Manila, Miami, Pune and Sao Paulo, we maintain mission-critical focus on customer needs today and beyond.” — Milind Tavshikar, CEO, SmartKargo

As we think ahead to what a new normal may look like after COVID-19, SmartKargo presents two new solutions that can mitigate the economic fallout and open up new revenue streams.

The necessity of maintaining business continuity in times of disruption has never been more essential, as the world’s supply chain is pressed to quickly deliver large volumes of cargo quickly, all over the world.

More than ever, e-Commerce shipping relies on the speed and capacity that global airlines have and that consumers demand. This is causing many airlines to rethink business models and target methods which must` be adjusted, to profit in days ahead.

To this end, SmartKargo has developed two new solutions that can open new doors of opportunity for airlines looking to profit from the e-Commerce revolution or get a quick start to operating a cargo operation that moves on real-time data, using SaaS technology.


SmartKargo E-Commerce

An e-Commerce technology that helps airlines utilize their assets and ground partners to harness high demand. Learn More


SmartKargo QuickStart

A lightning-fast implementation of our basic, cloud-based SaaS solution that is up and running in as in 2-3 weeks. Learn More