Download Smartkargo QuickStart Brochure

A lightning-fast implementation of our basic cloud-based SaaS solution that can have a carrier up and running with an end-to-end ERP solution, in as little in 2-3 weeks.

SmartKargo can help you deliver real-time data with the end-to-end visibility that you need to ramp up your Air Cargo commercial success, with improved operational efficiency, quicker than you can imagine!

How do we do it?

Our QuickStart SaaS solution is a basic version of SmartKargo Cloud and delivers accurate, real-time data that is available anywhere and securely stored in the cloud. The technology comes out-of-the-box with a standard set of solutions to run the cargo business of an airline from booking to destination. Now, we provide a surprisingly quick deployment so airlines and all-cargo carrier can ramp up the business quickly, to take advantage of the benefits, while air freight is in high demand, and growing.

Features of the QuickStart solution:

  • The quick deployment focuses on immediate needs and maximizes interfaces with existing sub-systems
  • The solution is hosted on three different environments which means no interruptions to your business as your needs and requirements grow or change, based on Market conditions
  • The smart system will reduce revenue leakage and allow clear transparency from start to finish
  • The cloud platform allows quick integration and visibility with key airline and partner systems

Key features of the QuickStart solution:

Air Cargo Front Office Management:- Booking, Sales Planning, Capacity, Rates,

Operations:- Acceptance, Security, Build, Load, Depart, Arrive, Break, Deliver

Messaging Services:- SMTP, SITA, ARINC, FTP

Contact us today to get in touch or set up a demo. You’ll find out how simple it can be to deploy a real-time solution that will change the game in your cargo business.