How it Works

SmartKargo leverages three huge advances in IT:

Cloud Computing

Mobile Platforms

Data Analytics

Old-fashioned cargo systems require expensive, dedicated hardware, software licensing, and hosting at a data center. SmartKargo is a unique 100% Cloud-based solution that only needs a simple Internet connection to run anywhere – if you’re online, you’re on SmartKargo.

The Cloud solution makes setup, implementation, configuration, and customization quicker, easier, and affordable.

SmartKargo is built on IATA-compliant industry standards and enterprise technologies, making it easy to manage and maintain.

Integration with smart devices like mobile phones and rugged industrial handhelds is easy.

How do we work together?


Business blueprint

Identifies key implementation features and any gaps


Setup and realization

Configures SmartKargo to address all your business needs


User acceptance testing

Ensures that SmartKargo meets all user requirements


Training and change management

Familiarizes users with SmartKargo and industry best practices


Data migration and go-live

Moves all information from the old system and launches SmartKargo

SmartKargo Features:

  • Interactive user-friendly interface
  • Easy data entry with pre-populated fields
  • Accurate ‘Workflow’ Driven Software
  • Works on all Smart devices and is responsive

SmartKargo’s 24x7 Global Support

Leverages global support centers in Boston, Pune, and Manila to provide round-the-clock help — we’re never asleep!

Online help and support chat facility

Standard support is included in the contract, not an add-on