Azul Brazilian Airlines Deploys Powerful SmartKargo EDI-enabled eCommerce solution

Azul has changed the game in their cargo business unit by introducing an eCommerce solution that achieves the following results: Faster growth and optimized utilization of available Cargo capacity and higher Cargo yields by eliminating intermediaries and directly connecting to eCommerce shippers through real-time EDI integration, delivering fast SLA-driven transportation solutions for less. Azul has accelerated (in less than 2 years) from a marginal Cargo player to the dominant market leader to the Brazilian domestic market. Today Azul has an overall 20% Market share in air cargo in Brazil with a 60% market share in Air Cargo eCommerce distribution, and they are growing at a pace of 8%-10% per month. Solution deployed by SmartKargo.

COVID-19 to Help Air Cargo’s Digital Drive

Leaders at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) point to an acceleration in the digitization of air cargo, in recent months, that will create new efficiencies and help to fill the supply of capacity.
“Growth in e-commerce demand also provides opportunities for disruptive technologies to take hold in the air cargo sector. COVID-19 has highlighted an opportunity for passenger airlines to make better use of the varying volumes they have available for transporting cargo, “says Milind Tavshikar, CEO of SmartKargo.

The ‘secret sauce’ for Airlines in the ecommerce world- October Edition’20

Airlines can leverage their biggest asset and fast-track into the world of e-commerce logistics and the increased revenues that it brings. How? By employing a state-of-the-art EDI-enabled e-commerce solution that dramatically increases freight volumes and yields by facilitating e-commerce from the shopping cart to the doorstep. Read more in this insightful article by Karen Thuermer, published in the Freight Business Journal NA.

“Freight Expectations: How Air Cargo Can Adapt to a New Reality”-FlightGlobal.

The outstanding panel discussed the challenges and opportunities now facing the global airline industry, including ways that cargo revenues can be increased in these difficult times. A focus on the transport of e-commerce packages can bring substantial new revenues to the airline’s bottom line. SmartKargo has live technology that is enabling airlines to operate like an integrator. In doing so, they can grow the cargo business to deliver double or triple the contribution of the business overall.