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How it works

The smaller packages generated by e-Commerce fit perfectly with an airline’s fleet, suitable for both wide and narrow body aircraft. This delivers substantially greater utilization of cargo capacity, whether a fleet consists of small planes or large.

SmartKargo e-Commerce technology connects e-commerce sites with airline assets and their ground partners for seamless management of shipments all the way to the door. All of the apps and tools that are needed are integrated into the solution. In short, it’s everything an airline needs to operate like an integrator and earn the rewards.


The solution has been configured to serve all the business models that are used by airlines today for serving e-Commerce business.

  • Traditional B2B Air Cargo operations
  • EDI-enabled end-shipper Cargo Hauling and logistics end-to-end services to large shippers such as manufacturers, electronics and pharmaceutical producers
  • End-to-end EDI-enabled B2C e-Commerce integration with large e-Commerce players

Contact us today to get in touch or set up a demo. You’ll find out how simple it can be to deploy a real-time solution that connects your assets and ground partners from shopping cart to the door—changing the game in your cargo business.