The New Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy- Mr. Olivier Houri

August 5, 2018

SmartKargo announced the expansion of the management team with Mr. Olivier Houri joining the team as Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy. The company launched its award-winning cloud-based air cargo management Software-as-a-Service back in 2012 and is now experiencing significant growth in global markets. SmartKargo technology was developed by MIT engineers and is becoming the gold standard for the Air Cargo Industry, serving the entire value chain of Air Cargo carriers, Passenger Airlines with an interest in cargo business, Global Sale Agents, Ground Handlers, Regulators…. Within a short time, SmartKargo is now deployed by air carriers in USA, Mexico, Europe, Middle-East, India and South East Asia. Such a global footprint of air cargo operators interconnected to each other via a single cloud-based environment creates an opportunity for all participants in extending cargo services seamlessly across the globe to a large customer base around the world.

“SmartKargo has become a transformational company in a traditional paper dominated industry of Air Cargo. The innovative thinking and fresh approach applied to the ill-served business of moving goods globally in an increasingly complex and interconnected world was an eye-opener to me. SmartKargo has created a platform that leverages latest in technology and is far ahead of anything else I have seen over 20+ years of my experience in this space. With the growth of e-commerce globally and an addition of payload capacity on flights – thanks to Boeing and Airbus who now deliver passenger aircrafts that can be called mini freighters, there is an open opportunity to monetize excess belly space and increase revenue-generation opportunities for Airlines. SmartKargo offers a ready to go solution for Air Carriers to participate in this opportunity.

It opens new business models like door-to-door product offerings, an online marketplace to book cargo and many other tools that stimulate growth and revenue, improve operational performance and facilitate collaboration for everyone in the transportation chain and ultimately provides businesses and consumers with another choice for express shipments. I am excited to be a part of this growth and opportunity to make a difference” said Olivier. Prior to joining SmartKargo, he has spent over 20 years of his career life serving the Air Transport industry, first by leading the Global Air Transport Consulting Practice at Cap Gemini Group and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and lately for the past 15 years as the President & Global Leader of Unisys Global Travel & Transportation Industry business.

“Olivier has deep experience in the domain and is a well-respected leader in this industry. He strengthens our management team and will play a significant role in fast-growing our business and expanding our solutions and business model,” said Milind Tavshikar, CEO of SmartKargo and QuantumID Technologies

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