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The door-to-door E-commerce solution enables air cargo operators to easily and efficiently extend end-to-end services to their Clients by
deploying state of the art and mobile technology features that include:

• Both air and truck shipments

• First- and last-mile pickup and delivery, with optimized routing man
agement (dispatched or self-assigned)

• Ability to consolidate at the warehouse (mother bagging) and at the
Airport (Master association)

• End-to-end tracking with real-time information available via GPS

Are you facing any of these key challenges for
managing a complex, global supply chain to success?


Difficulty due to unpredictable
market situations.


Improper coordination of First mile,
mid mile and last mile can
cause delays.


Maintaining speed and
quality is challenging.


More speedy delivery more the
cost due to resources used.


Continuous tracking can be a issue
if no proper data integration


In a competitive logistic world its
a big challenge of sustainability.

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Next Day

2+ Day

Markets We Cater To

Verticle Market

Fast Moving
Consumer Goods


Hight Tech


Aerospace &

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Logistics is a Team effort

In the e-commerce delivery logistics chain, collaboration and partnering are just as important as technology. The focus on the end customer is the primary focus and their satisfaction is really what should drive the relationships.


Supply Chain Issues Continue

A key to luxury brands’ success is the same as non-luxury brands. Keep your customers delighted and that includes getting the e-commerce packages into the hands of your customers as fast as you can for the right price.


Zoned Out

You just need to worry a little less about the zones and think about faster time, greater distance, and higher value –all of which we need a little bit more of today.


SmartKargo is awarded
"Delivery innovation of the year 2022"

IReC 2022 is the most awaited and premier event of the retail and e-retail industry where the whole retail world
arrives to celebrate the best of the industry.