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SmartKargo now powers Cebu Pacific Air

Cebu Pacific Air, one of the world’s most innovative and successful airlines, launched SmartKargo as its cargo management platform in August. With a fleet of more than 50 Airbus and ATR aircraft, and a network that spans the Philippines as well as long-distance services to 15 countries in East Asia, the Gulf, and Australia, Cebu Pacific is the second-largest airline in the Philippines, and one of Asia’s fastest-growing. Their cargo team needed a solution that could keep pace with this rapid growth, and they found it with SmartKargo. Cebu Pacific generates about 9% of total revenues from cargo, one of the largest percentages in the world for a carrier without dedicated freighter aircraft. Not surprising, of course, because the Philippines is an island nation, with more than 2,000 inhabited islands. When people need something quickly, they call on Cebu Pacific to fly it. This means a lot of shipments, of course, and they typically generate about 90,000 waybills a month.