We asked three cargo leaders at our newest customer, Hawaiian Airlines, to talk a little about SmartKargo’s benefits.  

Tim Strauss is Hawaiian’s Vice President, Cargo.  A longtime air cargo veteran, Tim chose SmartKargo for many reasons, and he talks about them in the short clips below
Clip 1: Why a 100% Cloud solution makes sense
Clip 2: SmartKargo improves the customer experience
Clip 3: The benefits of SmartKargo’s mobility focus
Clip 4: Quick and easy management reports and BI


Brad Matheny is Hawaiian’s Director of Cargo Operations.  Another veteran of air cargo and the airline business, Brad’s job is to keep cargo moving on Hawaiian’s flights across the Pacific and within the state of Hawai’i.
Clip 1: SmartKargo’s easy interfaces
Clip 2: Quicker transactions means better service all around


Ginny McKee is a Senior Project Manager at Hawaiian, and was deeply involved in the implementation, including training users on SmartKargo.
Clip 1: SmartKargo is easy to use