SmartKargo: A flexible cloud solution that keeps you ahead of the curve


The SmartKargo solution is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud, the world’s most trusted cloud platform. Azure allows SmartKargo to connect cloud and on-premises with consistent hybrid cloud capabilities—providing you with maximum portability and value from your existing investments.

The solution is built on industry-standard tools, and enterprise technologies, making it easy to manage, and maintain. The Cloud solution makes setup, implementation, configuration, and customization quicker, easier, and affordable.

Our deep industry experience and focus on standardization means we are able to quickly adopt best practices, leveraging the latest technology available.  Since the Microsoft Azure platform maintains ongoing upgrades to stay up to date with the latest technologies that emerge, your system is never behind the technology curve.

Scalable for all sizes and business models
Whether you operate 1000 aircraft or 5, SmartKargo delivers the same advantage and ease of use. SmartKargo meets every need, whether an all-cargo airline, combination carrier, or charter company. And if we are missing any needed functionality – we develop the same and include it in the next release at no additional charge!

Cargo capacity, budget management and advance planning
Sales teams will find tools such as budget management at flight level, capacity planning at product level indispensable. And because SmartKargo is tightly integrated with real time operations, it is easy to monitor and measure performance, then make adjustments - before its too late.

Multi channel sales and reservations engine
A powerful and easy to use multi-channel reservation and booking engine allows end customers to use web browsers, Kiosks, smartphones, IATA messaging, emails and SMS text messages to create reservations. Freight forwarders, direct shippers, walk-in customers, all can book directly from the system and without a single piece of paper. Customers receive instant confirmation of acceptance and space allocation, and can track their shipment at every stage.

Efficient operations and cargo handling
SmartKargo supports complete operational workflow from acceptance to delivery. Automatic validations supported intuitive, step-by-step workflow enables airlines to follow industry standard business practices and avoid costly mistakes. Mobility options such as rugged handheld devices improve operational efficiency and reduce hassle of paper.

Flexible rate management and automated billing
Complete flexibility in spot and deal pricing. SmartKargo generates a bill for each individual shipment. Revenue accounting is integrated – no redundant work and no time-consuming reconciliation.